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  • December 2018

    Researches Aim to Get "Good Fat" into a Health Diet

    “Fat is fundamental to give your body vitality and to help cell development. Fat ensures our organs and helps keep us warm. Fats likewise enable the body to ingest numerous supplements and deliver critical hormones,” Warren said...

  • December 2018

    For kosher Instagram stars, the food is just the appetizer

    Now, after dinner and networking events, the two, along with their fellow food buddies Beth Warren (author of “Secrets of a Kosher Girl”) and Melinda Strauss (“Kitchen Tested” blog), were at Hatch …

  • December 2018

    Foodie Nation: A Jewish Conversation on Mindful Eating

    When making a berachah, we are supposed to focus on what we are eating, look at the food, appreciate the food, recognize and appreciate Hashem’s role in the food,” says nutritionist Beth Warren…

  • December 2018

    The McDonald's McRib is Back: What's it Made of Anyway?

    “Although they decreased the amount of ingredients from 70, there are a lot of preservatives and highly processed ingredients present,” registered dietitian Beth Warren …

  • December 2018

    No, You Don't Need to Avoid Antinutrients

    “Although antinutrients can block some absorption, you would have to eat a large quantity for it to have a negative impact on your nutritional status,” says Dietitian Beth Warren, MS, RDN, CDN. “These compounds also have a lot of health benefits …

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