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Here are the descriptions of the various services offered at Beth Warren Nutrition:

Corporate Wellness / Lunch & Learns

Healthy Lunch and Learns are geared toward keeping employees healthy and well at work and at home. Our wellness professionals present informative programs on relevant health and wellness topics in an entertaining and interactive format.

Cooking Classes

The cooking classes involve each participant to help out in creating the recipes decided on with the client. A fun and interactive group activity, the “chefs” are engaged in the discussion of the nutritional importance of the foods being created while cooking them themselves.

Cooking Wars

Beth Warren Nutrition creates and judges a food competition, great for team building and education of nutrition and wellness. Challenges such as, “Create A Healthy Dish” when given four ingredients with a winner of the best dish, is an example of one of the interactive friendly competition cooking wars can involve! Handouts with recipes and nutrition facts included.

Body Fat Analysis

We have a state of the art bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) machine that provides a comprehensive breakdown of what constitutes your weight: water, muscle mass, and fat. It also gives an accurate assessment of your caloric needs and paints a great picture of your overall health. This machine is great for trainers to use on their clients, anyone watching their muscle growth, people who struggle with seeing a weight loss on a scale itself or in conjunction with any wellness challenge!

Nutrient Analysis

Need help developing whole food recipes that a nutritionist and foodie would approve of? With our cooking and nutrition backgrounds, we can work with you to get your recipes ideas to become a reality. If you already have recipes, we can develop a detailed nutrition analysis that adds value to your business.

Weight-Loss & Other Challenges

Annually, Beth Warren Nutrition conducts at least four weight-loss and fitness challenges for various groups. The average weight lost by the winners is 10% and a decrease in waist and hip measurements by 4 inches – all in just 8 weeks. Importantly, the participants maintained the lifestyle changes after the challenge and experienced a boost in energy and enthusiasm in the workplace. All challenges can be catered to your timing and topic preferences.

Book Signings

Host a fun and interactive book signing with Beth’s book. Each book signing includes a read-aloud and workshop on a topic of your choosing.

Restaurant Consulting

Whether its helping to develop your brand, food product, menu or recipes, we can give you the assistance you need. With our expertise in the health, nutrition and wellness field, our contacts in the consumer and corporate space and up-to-date knowledge on growing trends, we can help bring success to your company. Don’t forget to ask about our “Beth Warren Approved” seals of approval from our RD’s.

Supermarket Tours

Confused as to what to fill your grocery cart with? Empower yourself to change your life and your nutrition by learning what you should be filling your cart with by us!

Grocery shopping can be a daunting task for your clients or coworkers, and it doesn’t need to be! Allow us to remove this stress by meeting you at the grocery store! Aisle by aisle, one of our dietitians will help you make better food choices, show you how to read labels, introduce new ingredients, pick out healthy on-the-go options, answer your food and nutrition questions, and provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips.


Thinking about having a guest nutrition and food expert write for your communication channels? Let us help engage your client base with our writing, blogging or tweeting of content that can cater to your needs and target audience. No specific channel? No problem. We also host twitter chats and instagram takeovers, along with other social media collaborations.

Cooking Demonstrations

Watch and learn how to create delicious whole food dishes that can be catered toward your target audience. All demos are flexible in order to accommodate personal preferences, accessibility to kitchen equipment and utensils. Recipe and other handouts provided.

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